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Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany

Отбор: Не играе в Премиър Лийг
Номер: 4
Височина: 190 см.
Позиция: Защитник
Рождена дата: 1986-04-10 (33 години)
Държава: Белгия

Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany (French pronunciation: ​[vɛ̃sɑ̃ kɔ̃pani]; born 10 April 1986) is a Belgian professional footballer who plays for and captains both English club Manchester City and the Belgium national team. He is capable of playing at centre back and defensive midfield. In the 2011–12 season he was awarded the captaincy of Manchester City, leading his club to win the Premier League that season, their first league title in 44 years. He is also chairman of Belgium D3B Division club BX Brussels.

Kompany began his professional career at Anderlecht, spending three years at the Belgian club before moving to German Bundesliga club Hamburg in 2006. In the summer of 2008, at the age of 22, he completed a transfer to his current club, Premier League side Manchester City. He has since established himself as an integral part of the Manchester City squad and is one of the bargain buys of the revolutionised City era, blossoming into one of the Premier League's best centre backs. Kompany was included in the Premier League Team of the Year for two years in a row in 2011 and 2012 as well as being included in the 2014 team, and won the Premier League Player of the Season in 2012. He was listed 23rd in The 100 best footballers in the world by The Guardian. Kompany has been described as one of the best defenders in world football, and is known to be a physically strong centreback, with excellent aerial ability, and mobility, as well as good technique and distribution. He is also a very accurate tackler and excels at anticipating his opponents.

СезонГолове*Най-бързГолаДузпиАвтоголаЧервени картониЖълти картониПропуснати дузпи
2018-191 (0-1)70'16
2017-181 (1-0)25'1
2016-173 (1-2)5'3
2015-162 (0-2)59'2
2013-144 (2-2)31'411

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